Monday, April 5, 2010

Picture Blog of Garden

Stonecrop and Daffodils...and a little cherub, too!

Close-up of the daffodil. I love it!

This has May Night Salvia and Daffodils in it.

I bought this Spirilla bush last year on clearance, so I wasn't sure how it would do. So far, so good.

Admittedly, this forsythia is not my favorite thing, however, it is blooming as scheduled.

Another view.

These grape hycianths are coming up, now. Not purple just yet.

I think this is a peony I planted last year and assumed dead...looks live enough, though!

In these pots, I planted various seeds: Pink Girl Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Ornamental Peppers

Can anyone identify this for me?

I'm proud as punch of these little daisy seedlings.

This is a bad picture showing that my Jackmanii Clematis is coming back to life.

jackmanii clematis

creeping phlox

my Hostas are coming back...

yes, I know, clean this bed out! It's Lambs Ear. Not much to look at...until it blooms!

oh, I can't wait for the roses!

Azalia...c'mon baby, you can do it. I got these on sale...One, I'm pretty sure, is dead. But the other 3 or 4 look great!

This is some sort of is a lovely surprise perennial.... I mean, around here, you just plant it and forget about it.

Stella de'Oro Daylily...Love 'em

This is Perewinkle (vinca) I planted a few years ago. In a few short days, it will be covered with blooms.

My crepe myrtle isn't showing any signs of life, yet...but I know it's in there!

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