Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, I'm proud to report that two of the daffodils I planted in the fall have bloomed. All the way. In their sunny little yellow, beautiful way. I'm so darn proud of those things!

Today, I went to the library and got a couple books on gardening. One is written in real English (as in, you don't have to be a Master Gardener to appreciate it)... It's "Tough Plants for Southern Gardens" by Felder Rushing. This guy is funny. Really funny. I mean, to some people, it would be difficult to work a sense of humor into your garden...but this guy describes a zillion plants that grow with no extra watering or fertilizer...and smack in the middle of all the seriousness therein, he shows you how to grow a bottle tree. (Picture this: 4x4 post, nails, place glass bottles on the nails.) He describes its care and maintenance (as in, water the glass bottles from time to time to remove dirt). I like this guy. He can come over anytime and admire my garden of daylillies and weeds.

Am I the only fruit-cake that stays awake all night holding gardening books and catalogs? I know, what a geek. I just can't help it.

This year, I'm determined to make a garden out of nothing. I mean, I am determined to make a pretty flower garden and a bountiful veggie garden from free and cheap seeds. Thank goodness I've been buying perennials the last few years, as I have less and less area that needs new plants from year to year.

I'm thinking of going up the road to the neighbors beautiful garden and asking her to trade some seeds with me. If I know gardeners like I think I know gardeners, she'll be happy to help. It's so nice there are a few givers left in the world.

Well, I guess I'll close my eyes for a few minutes, as toddlers get up with the sun and kick the chickens awake. Love ya'll, mean it!

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