Friday, January 1, 2010

It's not diet food...but it was in the pantry!

Tonight, we had meatloaf, mac n cheese, baked beans, and beer bread. Everything I needed was already in the freezer or cabinet, so I've reached my goal today of using what I have. However, if you noticed, none of that contributes to my goal of being a size 10, unless you consider the fact that once this food is out of my house, I'll replace it with lower fat stuff. So I say. That's the plan and surely I can do at least that much.

In a minute, I'm going to do an exercise video that I bought approximately 6 months ago. It's still wrapped in the original cellophane. Don't blame me. Fat girls have to work up to these types of things. Picture me, for a minute, in all my chubby glory. Flabby arms, a deflated spare tire, double or triple chin. Sweating it out...I sure hope I can finish the video without having a heart attack, especially since our "free" dinner was SO delicious that I ate and ate and ate. I can barely move. I know it wasn't smart or goal-oriented, that's just how this bowling ball rolls. Round and heavy.

Tonight after dinner, we played one of the games the kids got for Christmas. It's called Curious George Hide and Seek at the Zoo. It's really a fun little family game, and our kids (almost 2 and 5 1/2) got it. Even The Man of the House and I kinda got into it. So if you have kids this age, give it a whirl. It's so silly (you're wearing zoo animal masks while you hide and seek...) you can't help but love it. Also, I'd like to thank whoever got this game for whichever kid it was for. In all of the unwrapping flurry, I have no idea who got what.

I finished taking down all the Christmas trees today. We had 5 (one in the kitchen, one in each boys room, and two outside) so it took me a little time. I also cleaned out both boys closets. There are still gifts in there that we haven't gotten out yet. They just have so much new stuff to play with right now, we're waiting until they get bored with it before we break out the new toys.

Also, I signed up for swagbucks today. (Thanks, Amy, from ) I'll let you guys know how it goes. She recommended another money-making thing on her blog, Pinecone Research. You just answer a few e-mailed questions and they mail you a check. No kidding. I didn't believe it either but I've gotten two checks (totaling $8 so far this month) so I'm happy with that. I'm going to keep the money from these two things in a separate envelope and use if for Christmas money next year.

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