Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yeah, so's been a while.

Told ya I wasn't good at sticking to stuff, but I have made a little progress on some of my New Years Resolutions since I last cast my dreams into cyberspace...

I now have two awesome followers! So freaking cool! So, thank you, Aunt Becky (always the queen of my universe) and thank you Leslie (because you're the awesome friend that I miss so badly!).

OK, on to the resolution progress. So far, I've managed to clean a considerable amount of space out of my cabinet using It's an amazing thing, using ingredients that I have on hand to make fabulous meals and flop-u-lous things that I won't make again. Fabulous category first... 1) Honey Wheat Rolls (mmmm nothing better than homemade bread) 2) Home-freaking-made (oh yeah) Turkey Pot Pie. See, I guess I'm deprived because I only had those tiny little frozen pot pies that you can get on any given day for about $1 a pop. Yes, those are pretty darn good, but let me tell you how proud I was when I peeled the potatoes and onions and carrots and I sliced the celery and I made Betty Crocker cry with pleasure. OK, I exaggerate slightly (ever so) but I'm "chasing rabbits". (Chasing rabbits is something a grade school teacher called "getting off topic".) 3) Homemade banana pudding. Well, crap, I had milk that I needed to use up and I had 2 bananas that were going black. Turkey Pot Pie, Wheat Rolls, Pudding. Fat-ass ecstasy. Diet friendly? Well, not so much. One thing at a time, ok? Because I was using stuff that I have. Don't blame me, I'm not built to waste food!

Ready to hear about the flop-u-lous dish? This dish sounds like something in a fancy restaurant. It's Chicken with Almond & Butter topping. I'm sure it had a better name in the recipe, but I don't remember what it was. OK so in the recipe (which I followed to the ridiculous letter) says you need to buy bone-in split chicken breasts (awesome, they were in my freezer)...then you boil those for a few minutes and remove the skin and bone. Hello??!!? I did this and the whole freaking time I was thinking...damn it, why didn't you just skip all of that messy weirdness and start from the top with boneless, skinless chicken breasts??!?! Seriously? So I was pissed before the chicken was even releasing clear juices. Then, you flour the chicken and slowly brown it in an ass-load of butter. Then ya take the chicken out of the pan, and add to the pan some wine and lemon and slivered almonds. Now, I did have almonds in my cabinet (thanks to a big sale at Kroger) but they were whole and not slivered. What did I do? I sat there, with a knife, already pissed and I slivered each and every freaking one of those almonds. It's a time consuming process, this. Anyway, here I go, finally add back the chicken, stir it all around, and serve it. It was weird tasting. The almonds give a sweetness, the lemon gives and sourness, and the whole dish was ... edible but nothing I will ever ever make again. I mean, 3 hours of messing up the whole freaking kitchen and I come out with something barely edible? Eeecchhh! If anyone wants to try a bite, come on over, it's lurking in my fridge and praying that poor kids in Africa don't find out that it's going to get tossed with the next fridge-purge. The only good thing I can say about this dish is that it was part of my resolution not to let the remainder of the wine just perish...I had to drink it!

But enough about food, I know ya'll want to hear about me moving this fine body. Oh yeah. So I think I made it through about 3 episodes of 1-song sweatiness. I have not made it yet to the second dance song, probably won't at this rate because you have to actually play the darn thing and try. I have, however, been using the Wii Sports to get a little motion. Do you know that I have been trying my butt off to hit a baseball? Hand-eye coordination, I do not have. That's why I was on the high school swim team. Throw a ball at me and it'll hit me right between the eyes, because I can't make my arms move fast enough to catch it and I'm not coordinated enough to dodge. Pathetic. Anyway, the first time the Wii told me my fitness age, I was a spry little 62 year old lady (where's the AARP when I need them?) but I've been getting a little better each day and right now, I'm in the throws of a power-surge (hot flash) beings that I'm now 45. My real BIRTH age is 33.6. I'm not happy about this judgemental little program and the geek-squad little programmer that decided that I'm not just a fat-ass, but an old fat-ass. If I ever see this guy, I'm going to sit on his glasses and throw pens at him.

BTW the Man of the House is 21 on the Wii. Actually, he's 30 but he played ball as a kid. Damn it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sticking it to "The Man"

Have I told you guys how much I just LOVE Kroger? I'm a Kroger girl. I guess because I know where everything is (and their secret little stash of clearance stuff by the employee break room.) Anyway, today I had to buy a few things to make meals with the stuff I already have. ("Yeah, me!" for sticking to this so diligently!) I needed about 5 things. What to my wondering eyes appeared? Christmas clearance stuff! Now, I know, you're thinking, "Everyone has Christmas stuff on clearance right now." And right you would be...but you see, people don't think "Kroger" when they think of buying it. So I was able to get those new LED Christmas lights for $5, and some that look like lollipops to line the driveway for $8. There were gifts that I can give next Christmas, too...but I won't go into any detail here, but let's just say some lucky lady is going to be very pleased with this $4 gift next Christmas. Also, they had cologne on sale 50% off...and it so happens that The Man of the House loves this certain kind of cologne that's normally about $45 and I was able to get it for $22.50...And here it is, so close to Valentine's Day! Then, I pounced on the greatest thing...Christmas colored paper plates for 39 cents. I know, right? I don't care if we eat sandwiches off red and green plates! I bought a HUGE stack of them. So I bought $20 in groceries and $60 in "Christmas" stuff, and SAVED $186. I saved more than twice what I spent. So I'm pretty puffed up right now, if you can't tell.

As for the "Lose weight" goal... well, see, I'm still working on those overstuffed cabinets. I have no excuse to offer for the fact that the workout video is still in it's original package, unopened and unloved. So goes my list of reasons.

Tonight for dinner, we had baked chicken w/ one of the 4 BBQ sauces I had in the cabinets. Also, leftover (frozen) corn from Christmas dinner and broccoli w/ fat free cheese sauce (from triple couponing at Kroger.) So, it was a healthy dinner (oh, yeah) and delicious, and it met my goal for cleaning out the freezer today. Did I mention how cheap dinner can be when you're a mega-couponer?

Speaking of coupons, one of my sisters called me yesterday to inform me that Harris Teeter is having Super-Double coupons starting Wednesday. Every time Harris Teeter (a local grocery chain) does this, the neighboring Kroger's feel compelled to compete and honor the same deal. This means that although Kroger normally only doubles coupons up to 50 cents in value, they will double them up to $1.99. Another good thing is that Kroger runs sales from Sunday to Saturday, and Harris Teeter runs them from Wednesday to Tuesday, so basically I can pick and choose what to buy on sale with coupons Wednesday through Saturday, then do a different deal Sunday through Tuesday. Normally, they allow you to use 20 coupons per transaction. So this is how it goes down:
Step 1
Go through sales ad, find items with matching coupons (hopefully using bigger-value coupons, since they don't normally double)
Step 2
My sister and I go to Kroger together, because 4 eyes watching for deals is WAY better than 2. We each buy our 20 coupon limit items, then take them to the truck. We start with non-food and non-perishable items first, although as cold as it is outside right now, everything would probably be fine in any order.
Step 3
Rinse, lather, repeat until we're out of coupons, out of money, or until we're too tired to go in anymore.

Last time, Kroger had triple coupons and I was able to buy a trunk load of groceries including washing detergent and cleaning supplies for $11.00. It was SO fabulous! So, I'll see you at Kroger this week!

One more thing, is an awesome deal this week. If you need to print out your digital pictures from Christmas, go here and use the code "NEWYEAR50" and get 50 prints for 50 cents plus shipping. I did, and it was less than $5 total. Great deal, and I don't have to go pick them up! This is a public service announcement.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's not diet food...but it was in the pantry!

Tonight, we had meatloaf, mac n cheese, baked beans, and beer bread. Everything I needed was already in the freezer or cabinet, so I've reached my goal today of using what I have. However, if you noticed, none of that contributes to my goal of being a size 10, unless you consider the fact that once this food is out of my house, I'll replace it with lower fat stuff. So I say. That's the plan and surely I can do at least that much.

In a minute, I'm going to do an exercise video that I bought approximately 6 months ago. It's still wrapped in the original cellophane. Don't blame me. Fat girls have to work up to these types of things. Picture me, for a minute, in all my chubby glory. Flabby arms, a deflated spare tire, double or triple chin. Sweating it out...I sure hope I can finish the video without having a heart attack, especially since our "free" dinner was SO delicious that I ate and ate and ate. I can barely move. I know it wasn't smart or goal-oriented, that's just how this bowling ball rolls. Round and heavy.

Tonight after dinner, we played one of the games the kids got for Christmas. It's called Curious George Hide and Seek at the Zoo. It's really a fun little family game, and our kids (almost 2 and 5 1/2) got it. Even The Man of the House and I kinda got into it. So if you have kids this age, give it a whirl. It's so silly (you're wearing zoo animal masks while you hide and seek...) you can't help but love it. Also, I'd like to thank whoever got this game for whichever kid it was for. In all of the unwrapping flurry, I have no idea who got what.

I finished taking down all the Christmas trees today. We had 5 (one in the kitchen, one in each boys room, and two outside) so it took me a little time. I also cleaned out both boys closets. There are still gifts in there that we haven't gotten out yet. They just have so much new stuff to play with right now, we're waiting until they get bored with it before we break out the new toys.

Also, I signed up for swagbucks today. (Thanks, Amy, from ) I'll let you guys know how it goes. She recommended another money-making thing on her blog, Pinecone Research. You just answer a few e-mailed questions and they mail you a check. No kidding. I didn't believe it either but I've gotten two checks (totaling $8 so far this month) so I'm happy with that. I'm going to keep the money from these two things in a separate envelope and use if for Christmas money next year.