Thursday, December 31, 2009

January's Goals

So I'm a fat ass. Most nicer people call me a "foodie". I like to make and eat great tasting foods. I'm also a cheap skate. The nicer people call me "frugal". I'm a couponing-sale nabbing-rebate sending queen. So what I have is kitchen cabinets stuffed full of stocked food. Not one, but TWO fridge/freezer units stuffed full of food. And now comes my big New Year's Resolution - I want to lose weight. Damn.

They say, "Waste not, want not" and they say "Taste makes Waist". I don't want to waste food and I want to lose weight. So my challenge to myself is to find lower-fat ways to make the food I already have on hand. Mainly because my stuff is so stuffed, I can't find things even when I know they're in there. Just ask The Man of the House about the fit I threw over missing guacamole mix when I was pregnant. Ohhhh yeah. It's not the only fit I've thrown about stuff like that, just the most serious example of "Melisa is Crazy" related to overstocked cabinets.

So, last night we had white beans (one of the 7 or 8 bags of beans in my pantry) w/ hambone (left over from Christmas-frozen) and cornbread (already in pantry).

Today, I made a double-batch of bananna bread because the banannas were starting to brown. By the way, very ripe banannas are much sweeter and better for baking or making bananna pudding.

Tonight, we're having leftover Chicken Parmesean. Garlic bread will be simple toast w/ butter, sprinkled with garlic. Good thing my peeps aren't picky about these things.

I have made and the frozen several meals in the last couple of months, and while I don't want to have the same things over and over, it's been long enough that it's starting to sound good again. So I'll kinda post what we're having for dinner each night. Who knows, you might have the same things lurking in your cabinet. Oh, and I must confess, although I love to coupon and save money, I freaking hate going to the store. SO I'm on the plan of trying not to have to go out and buy a bunch more stuff. Once I get some of the stuff out of the cabinets, I'm going to buy more fresh veggies and less red meats. That sounds like a quick and easy way to lower my fat/calorie intake.

Now, for homework, please tell me your favorite meals that are made of stuff most people keep on-hand.


  1. We have spaghetti a lot. And Hamburger Helper. I'm really not good at cooking things that are already on hand. I have to have a recipe or odds are, it'll burn...

  2. WhisperingWriter - all cooks burn things from time to time. Mix it up with a crock pot. I can tell you, it's almost impossible to burn something cooked in a crock pot. You can cook a whole chicken in the crock pot, just put whatever seasoning you like (lemon pepper is a family favorite) and put the whole chicken in there on high for 6 hours or low for 3-4. It's tender and juicy every time. Waalaa, you're a chef. :)

  3. I'm an idiot...cook it on low for 6 hours or high for 3-4. I got it backwards, but even so, you still can't burn it, I betcha.