Monday, December 21, 2009

Going to give this blog thing a shot

I started a gardening blog. I didn't stick with it. I mean, I wanted to...but you see, my life is FULL off stuff, not just gardening. So this little blog is going to be Melisa. Not just a part of Melisa. I don't know if anyone is going to read it...but I can tell you the things I think about and might talk about on here.

  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Playing with the kids
  • Couponing
  • CVS Deals
  • Kroger Deals
  • Saving Money
  • Family Life
  • Politics
  • Opinions (mine, mainly, on which I am an expert)
  • Funny Stuff (because Life is one big comedy)

Maybe more stuff... Who knows!

It's now a few days before Christmas. I have about 95% of my shopping done, 90% of the wrapping done. The house is decorated inside and out. I love Christmas. I have found that one thing that will take the stress out of the holidays is saving a little bit each week in a savings account. I don't do well with generic "when I get extra" savings. I have to have something written in the little spot on the budget that says "Christmas". This year, I saved $15 a week. Then when I got laid off 7 weeks before Christmas, at least I wasn't in a panic. Almost all of my shopping was done on Black Friday. My sister and I go every year. I try to make a general list of the things the people on my list might like, then when the Black Friday ads come out, I see if anything on the list is on sale. Also, I look for other gifts for people on my list. Sometimes, what I had in mind doesn't match what I found on sale. So I just change my mind. It's that simple.

Christmas gifts are a crap-shoot anyway. The things I find that I just love, the recipient might be like "What was she thinking?" I have no idea. Funny thing. We are taught as children that whatever the gift, we must pretend to be excited over it. Then somewhere along the way, we decide that we shouldn't provide Christmas wish lists anymore. We go from 3-page letters to Santa, so many wishes to choose from, to "oh, don't spend any money on me." And all that is fine and good, probably Mrs. Manners would approve, but see, I'd rather have a good idea of what you like. For instance, if you love music, don't ask me for a "Country CD". Tell me five of your favorite artists...or tell me five new CDs you don't already have. After all, everyone loves George Straight and almost everyone that likes country has one of his CDs. I don't make whatever Christmas list I'm provided an absolute "must buy". I mean, if I see something I think you would like and find it at a price I can afford, you're getting it. List or no.

Some people are SO hard to buy for, though. The man of the house, for instance. Gifts from the past that I've given him (and he's hated) include GPS (not a brand he's familiar with and it won't stay stuck to his windshield), a digital camera (that he doesn't like since he's not computer savvy and also since I use it too), a digital camcorder (that he lost the charger to)...a shotgun (which he's used only a few times...)...a tent and miscellaneous camping gear (which is still all in the original packaging in the garage). It doesn't seem to matter what I get him or how much I spend. I can't seem to find a gift that will make him smile. I hope this year will be better. I always try so hard. If he doesn't like these presents this year, next year I'm getting him coal in his stocking and a gift certificate to Lowes.

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